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Regional Innovation Center for Solar Cell & Module


Solar energy is our future

With global warming and depletion of limited natural resources, our country, which is giving serious thought to the future, is devoting a good deal of energy into development of renewable energy technology. The solar energy industry, as green energy, is environmentally friendly, and it can be considered a source of unlimited electrical energy.

The Yeongnam University "Daegyeong Sun Cell/ Module Material Process Regional Innovation Center" supports not only the environmentally-friendly industry of Daegu, Gyeongbuk, but the solar energy industries all over the country; it is doing its best to aid the development of a solar cell, which is an environmentally-friendly energy source and the newly-developed electrical power of the future.We request your continuous concern and support in the future as well.


The goals of this company are to increase innovation capabilities between the university and the companies, graft on the developed IT technology of the neighboring Gumi region, raise the international competitiveness of the company within the complex, and expand the long-term development potential of the region, for industrial development of renewable energy chosen regional strategy promotion and college specialization fields through support of infrastructure establishment, joint use, and technology development to support solar-cell- and module-related companies within a 20km radius of RIC

In order to expand sales and profits of medium-sized and small businesses specializing
in material components and process equipment through large-scale solar cell integration in industry

  • Product advancement, stabilization of manufacturing technology, and technology to obtain high effectiveness are supported
  • Company employee reeducation, and advanced human resource cultivation and supply

For the middle and core commercialization of medium-sized and small business related to solar cell/modules

  • Establishment of joint-use equipment and process technology is supported
  • Promotion of advanced and expert human resource is supported
  • Technical development related to next-generation solar cell component material and core technology are supported
  • Establishment and marketing are supported
  • Entry of Daegu Gyeongbuk region
    conglomerates in solar energy field as
    international front-runners

  • Expansion of
    electrical energy industry

  • Successful performance of business of
    the Daegyeong regional government and
    improvement of international awareness of region

  • Advancement of world market and
    procurement of international market
    by the domestic industry

  • Creation of jobs and
    vitalization of regional economy
    due to increased exports

  • Promotion of midlevel small and
    medium-sized business of the
    Daegyeong region contiguous to Daegu


Solar energy is our future

Internationalization and centralization of small and medium-sized business regional solar cell/module material process companies Expansion of product competitiveness and growth potential of regional solar cell/module material process businesses.

  • Quality certification support
  • Foundation marketing support
  • Equipment preparation and use
  • Manufacturing technology support
  • Technology support and human resource training
National Renewable Energy Industries
  • Country with insufficient energy resources
  • Cultivation of Nationally-focused industries following electric and automobile industries
Expansion of Scope of World Market
  • Kyoto Protocol, carbon emissions trading market
  • Rapid development of world solar energy market
Daegu/Gyeonbuk Regional Strategy Enterprise
  • E-clusters at Gyeongbuk East Coast
  • Daegu solar city project
  • Common strategic industries of Daegu-Gyeongbuk joint metropolitan economy bloc
Promotion of Fused IT-ET Green Ocean Enterprise
  • Conglomerate-dominated Gumi IT industrial estate
  • Small-and-medium-size-business-dominated Daegyeong region ET material component industrial estate

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