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Power and Potential

Power of YU

Tradition of 69 years & Power of 215,000 Alumni

Ranked Top

among regional private universities in the Korean University Evaluation(by Joongang Daily newspaper. 2010 ~ 2015)

RankingThis table desribes the ranking of Yeungnam University and the details.
1st the rate for passing the bar exam for the second straight year (2015~2016)
6th CEOs in Korea's top 100 companies (2015)
6th CEOs in Companies listed on KOSDAQ (2014)

Yeungnam University keeps challenging endlessly for the nation, the region, and humanity, and is making a leap forward as a world-class and regional hub university, pursuing globalization and localization at the same time.
Yeungnam University will become a world-standard illustrious university based on its 69-year tradition.

  • 16 congressmen in the 20th National Assembly
  • 2 Heads of metropolitan Council, 1 superintendent of education,
    19 Heads of the local government (the provincial elections of 2014)
  • 1 Speaker of the National Assembly, 2 Justice of Supreme Court
  • 10th in the number of Executives in Korea's top 10 companies
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  • ‘A’ rating, the highest rating in the ‘2015 University Structure Reform Evaluation’ by the Ministry of Education
  • ‘Minister of Employment and Labor Award’ selected as the best university in the career development sector in 2015
  • 3rd place in world for e-learning sector by the ‘The Wharton-QS Stars Reimagine Education Awards 2014’
  • 'True Education Award of Korea' selected by the Journalists Federation of Korea in 2014
  • The 1st 'Korean Education Donation Award' from the Ministry of Education in 2012
  • The prize for 'University of the Year' at the 'Engineering Education Festa' in 2012
  • Presidential Prize for 'Job Creation Assistance Program' in 2010
  • The 1st Presidential Prize for 'Voluntary Work nationwide' in 2010
  • Grand Prize for 'Innovation in Education' in 2010
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International Evaluations
  • one of the top 10 Asian International Universities for the dramatic changes in global education of the new millennium by Asian Correspondant News Report(2001)
  • Math and Computer Research Power 50th in the World, 1st in Korea (2016 Leiden Ranking)
  • ranked 128th overall in Asia (22nd in the nation) in the 'QS 2016 Asian University Rankings'
  • ranked 601-800 in the world(14th in the nation) in Times Higher Education(THE) World University Rankings 2015
  • ranked 18th for the professor research sector, 9th for the number of citations in international theses, 14th in Engineering, 16th in Natural Science, 20th in Sociology and 26th in the humanities in the nation in the University Evaluations 2015 by Joongang Ilbo
  • ranked 15th in the nation for the number of students studying abroad in 2014, according to the Academy Information officially provided by the Ministry of Education every year
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Potential of YU

Making a greater tomorrow with audacious challenges!

Received $260,200,000 in Government Grants (2014.02)

Potential of YU
$37,400,000 LED-IT Fusion Technology Research center
$25,900,000 Green Energy Education & Research Center
$25,000,000 Respiratory Disease Center
$25,000,000 Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation(LINC) development Project
$20,400,000 Education Capacity Reinforcement Project
$13,800,000 Brain Korea 21 Plus (BK21 Plus) Project
$12,700,000 Center for Green Car Parts
$11,300,000 Project for Advancement for College Education(ACE)
$7,000,000 Project for World Class Universily(WCU)
$4,900,000 Human Resources Development(HRD) Agency
$3,000,000 Global Exchange Center
$3,000,000 TUV Rheinland Laboratory
$2,400,000 International Cooperation Pioneering University
$2,400,000 Solar Cell Materials and Process R&D Cultivation Program
$1,100,000 Design Convergence Frontier Center
$900,000 YU-EU Center
$64,000,000 Other national Projects

The faster changes occur or the more uncertain the future becomes, the more enthusiastic the spirit of YU will be in order to face challenges and overcome the limitations to be a greater university that makes the future.

YU keeps challenging for a brighter future.