Research Programs

Consortium Hub Center


Operational supporting for national human resource development consortium businesses
  • Leading efficient and effective activities of 158 consortium organizations (50 ones in the Yeongnam region) in establishing a customized supporting system, based on a code of national human resource development consortium (public notice No. 2012-123, the Ministry of the Employment and Labor)
Establishing the Yeongnam region’s key hub for supporting vocational training for SMEs
  • Establishing a key center of networks among consortium organizations in the Yeongnam region through policy developments and various support services.


Customized consulting support
  • Depending on consortium organizations’ business stages or types, providing customized consulting services in order for their better performances
Job training for consortium organization employees
  • Enhancing consortium organization managers’ knowledge, skills and abilities
Operational supports & Promotion
  • Producing operational manuals, finding excellent organizations and doing policy development
  • Promoting consortium businesses’ performances in press
Building up collaborative network
  • Building a strong sense of community among consortium organizations
  • Supporting an establishment of collaborative network among main HRD experts

Main Roles

Consortium organization support and consulting
  • Consulting
  • A briefing event for organizations intending to join consortium businesses
Job Training for consortium organization employees
  • Providing specialized training programs for consortium organization managers
  • Developing Blended-Learning courses
  • Awards for excellent consortium organizations and SMEs
  • Developing a planner for mobile users
  • A briefing event for specialized high schools
Operation improvement services for consortium organizations
  • Producing consortium business manual
  • Visiting excellent organizations
  • Producing books/videos for spreading out good cases
  • Doing policy research and regional trend reports for finding new consortium organizations

Expected Outcomes

Establishing the Yeongnam region’s pivotal hub on the human resources development step-by step

  • Phase 1

    • Customized consulting support
    • Job training for consortium organization employees
    • Holding a workshop for consortium organiztion employees
    • A briefing event on the policy research
  • 2012


    2017 (year)

  • Phase 2

    • Promoting consortium business
    • Promoting consortium businesses' performances
    • Study and research on the consortium businesses

Establishing the Yeongnam region's pivotal hub on the human resources development