Research Programs

Dokdo Institute

Dokdo Institute established first among national universities on May 11, 2005 to study for collecting and arranging the materials about the East coast cultural area including Dokdo.

Dokdo Institute

  • 1) has reconfirmed that Dokdo is a Korean territory through multi-study, mutual and joint researches,
  • 2) has proved the fabrication and injustice of Japan's assertions of sovereignty over Dokdo islets by developing the approved theories in the international society,
  • 3) has constructed the infrastructure and network for the nationally and internationally professional researches of Dokdo,
  • 4) has internationally informed the public Korean territory, Dokdo and has tried to awake the international opinion to spread the right information over Dokdo in Korea and Japan.

To promote this project effectively, this Institute has Historical and Cultural Research Department, Natural Ecology Research Department, Legislative Research Department, and Educational Publicity Department.

After 2005 establishment, this institute has accomplished

  • 1) holding the national and international conferences (the national conference;【The resources and prospects of Ulleungdo and Dokdo on June 22, 2006】, the international conference 【Dokdo : the relation of Korea and Japan, and the resources and prospects of East Asia on May 11, 2005】·【 the international order of East Asia and Dokdo on November 24, 2006】·【Modern order and territory, and today's Dokdo issue on October 25, 2007】),
  • 2) publishing the professional journal「Dokdo research」 1-4,
  • 3) publishing the series of Dokdo research (「The history of Dokdo and Ulleungdo」 by Kim, Hodong, Kyungin Munhwa publish, 2007,「The study of living space and the social structure of people from Dokdo and Ulleungdo」 by Park, Seongyong, Kyungin Munhwa publish, 2008),
  • 4) exhibiting Dokdo Archive(3 times),
  • 5) issuing publicity stamps (2 times),
  • 6) establishing the Internet lecture of 'Understanding Dokdo',
  • 7) operating the citizen lecture.

Owing much to these activities, the institute designated the emphasis research center of Korean research foundation on December, 2007. After May, 2008, it transferred Korean research foundation to the research center focused on the policy matters in Ministry Education, Science and Technology.

This research center focused on the policy matters in Ministry Education, Science and Technology has played the role of the research center for the policy suggestion by performing the basic research issue for 9 years from now <The study of educational systems for the establishment of Dodo studies> (the first specific issue topic: the study for confirming the territorial sovereignty of Dokdo, the second specific issue topic : The ecological preservation, marine environment, and policy of resources management for Dokdo), as well as by achieving the occasional issues by framing issue paper of pending questions. Moreover, it is elevated the status of the institute and this university.

From now on Dokdo Institute is going to promote

  • 1) the development of multi-language homepage for enforcing the publicity of Korean territory, Dokdo,
  • 2) the publication and distribution of journal 「Dokdo research」 in English and Japanese edition,
  • 3) the examination, collection, and research of the existing material related to Dokdo,
  • 4) the establishment and operation of 'international Dokdo forum (a tentative name)',
  • 5) the employment and training 'Dokdo expertise' for collecting information related to Dokdo and research,
  • 6) the operation of a board of Dokdo expertise representatives,
  • 7) the development of education program (the operation of elementary, middle and high school teacher training program, the development of Dokdo textbook for elementary, middle and high school, the operation of citizen lecture),
  • 8) the reinforcement of promotion activities like Dokdo Archive exhibition and the issue of Dokdo stamp
  • 9) the promotion of Korea and Japan collaborative research,
  • 10) North Korea and collaborative research and holding the conference.