Research Programs

Institute of Legal Studies

The Institute of Legal Studies was established in 1993. The primary goal of the Institute is to assist in sustaining and enhancing the tradition of the law school as a center of legal education in Korea and Daegu/Gyeongbuk area.

In this respect, the Institute seeks to

  • (ⅰ) research on general legal area ;
  • (ⅱ) provide a quality legal education ;
  • (ⅲ) serve many communities of interest in Daegu/Gyeongbuk area by studying on their legal issues and providing legal opinions for their legal interests ;
  • (ⅳ) publish a journal of impressive range of legal studies ;
  • (ⅴ) hold seminars and conferences with outstanding scholars and leaders in their areas ;
  • (ⅵ) promote academic exchanges and cooperative arrangements nationally and internationally.

The Institute of Legal Studies at the Yeungnam University will continue to consolidate and enhance its position as center for legal research and studies.

This institute also runs branch organizations of a center for Human Rights education to proceed with research projects and promote the Human Rights education. 
And, It has a plan to make a center for IPR(intellectual property rights) in the near future.