Research Programs

Higher Education Policy Research Institute

Policy research institute for higher education which was founded in January 12, 2016 aims to strengthen research capacity, develop required system, and improve level of quality management by presenting policy measures for solution after apprehending educational phenomenon and establishing cause of problem through various and extensive survey analysis related to higher education. For this purpose, this institute is engaging in various activities composed of support of policy establishment, elicitation of outstanding research result, and supply of excellent research manpower in changing educational environment for development of higher education. Especially in the medium to longer term, this institute is actively performing the assignment promoted by the Education Department such as the development of policy which is for applying management model of higher educational institutions to higher education field.

Major Activity

  1. Basic research and investigation activity about higher education in general
  2. Policy research for improvement of higher education
  3. Comparative research of overseas higher education
  4. Performance of committed research and education policy research
  5. Publication of research journal
  6. Meeting for reading research papers and seminar
  7. Financial support to research activity by researcher
  8. Business in accordance with aim of other research institutes