Interdisciplinary Study


Interdisciplinary study is a multi-majoring course associated with more than one department or college, 
providing a student with a second degree in addition to his or her primary degree when the student obtains the total of 35 credits or more necessary for the chosen subject or major.

Interdisciplinary study introduced by our new school system can be pursued as a second major, along with the primary major, by those who wish to find the possibility of creating a new learning approach or some new professions.

Eligible for interdisciplinary study is restricted to students who entered Yeungnam University in 1999 or after.


Interdisciplinary Study
  • Major in International Studies
  • Major in Nuclear Engineering
  • Major in European Studies
  • Major of Cultural Heritage Interpretation
  • Major of Common Social Studies Education
  • Major of Science Education
  • Major of Real Estate
  • Major of Technology and Home Economics Education
  • Major of Social Welfare
  • Major in Moral and Ethical Education
  • Major of IT Fusion Media
  • Major of Public Cultural Design
  • Major in Green Car Studies
  • Major of Multicultural Studies
  • Major of IT·Energy Convergence
  • Major of Fusion Automobile Components
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Major in Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Major of Art Conservation
  • Major of Green Energy
  • Major of Global China
  • Major in International Development & Saemaul Undong