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YU Hosts 'Global Harmony' Sports Festival for International Students N

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  • Date : 2024.06.13 09:27
  • Publication Date : 2024.05.23
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'Global Harmony' Event Boosts Community Spirit Among Local and International Students

Over 200 Participants, Including International Students from 39 Countries

Four teams consisting of sharing, volunteering, creation, and contributing for 15 competitions including six-person-seven-legged race

[May 23, 2024]

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 YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) held the '77th Anniversary International Students Sports Festival'. This event was prepared to enhance a sense of belonging as YU students regardless of native and foreign students and to improve a sense of global community among young people around the world who will lead the global era.

 The sports festival, held on May 22 at Yeungnam University's artificial turf soccer field, saw participation from over 200 students, including international students from 39 countries such as Ghana, Mongolia, Vietnam, Spain, Sierra Leone, China, and Thailand. Participants included undergraduates, Korean language education center trainees, graduate students, and students from PSPS.

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 The students competed in four teams: Sharing, Service, Creativity, and Contribution, reflecting Yeungnam University's vision of contributing to the prosperity of humanity as a creative innovation university.

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 The festival began with an opening declaration, an oath from the team representatives, and various performances from the Chinese and Vietnamese student associations and a choir of PSPS, enhancing the festive atmosphere.

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 YU President CHOI Oe-chool said, "I feel proud and delighted to see students from all over the world gather at Yeungnam University to pursue your dreams with dedication. I am confident that the time you spend here will become a valuable foundation when you become global leaders contributing to the global community in the future. I hope that international students, who have been focusing on their studies in various fields, will enjoy this sports festival to build friendships and camaraderie. Study hard at Yeungnam University, gain diverse experiences, and become individuals who contribute to human society."

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Luc Van Der Wal, a third-year student from the Netherlands in the Department of International Development at PSPS, said, "I wanted more opportunities to interact and communicate with students from different countries, and this sports festival provided a great chance to make friends and build camaraderie through sports." Fujiyama Mero, a fourth-year student from Japan in the Department of Korean Language and Literature, who participated in the festival as part of the Sharing team, expressed gratitude to the university for organizing such an enjoyable experience for international students. She particularly enjoyed the group jump rope and tug-of-war, highlighting the joy of creating precious memories with friends outside the classroom on a sunny day. 

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 On this day, the participants of the sports competition competed in 15 items, including dodgeball, balloon tower building, tug-of-war and six-person-seven-legged race until 4 pm and Volunteering Team won the final championship and received a cash prize of KRW 5 million.