All classes are taught in English.

Bolded classes are offered by the SIS for Fall 2023.

Global Governance and International Relations

  • Global Environmental Issues (Fall)
  • International Relations and Diplomacy (Spring)
  • Korea in East Asia (Spring)
  • Understanding Globalization (Fall)

Global Business and Economics

  • Global Business Cultures (Fall)
  • Global Business Strategies (Spring)
  • Global Economic Issues I (Spring)
  • Global Economic Issues II (Fall)
  • Globalization of Korean Firms (Fall)
  • The Korean Economic Development (Fall)
  • Understanding Global Leadership (Spring)

Global Cultural and Historical Studies

  • Colonialism and Nationalism in Asia (Fall)
  • International Manners and Protocol I (Spring)
  • International Manners and Protocol II (Fall)
  • Introduction to Asian Religions (Fall)
  • K-Culture and Soft Power (Spring)
  • Korean Cinema: Inside & Out (Fall)
  • Korean History and Culture (Spring)
  • Korea's Artistic Heritage (Spring)
  • Study of North America I (Spring)
  • Study of North America II (Fall)

Global Communication

  • Debate and Discussion (Fall)
  • Global Interview Skills (Spring)
  • International Communication in English I (Spring)
  • International Communication in English II (Fall)