Since its establishment in 1947, Yeungnam University has educated over 170,000 graduates and contributing to the advancement of the country with its educational principles and philosophies. In this current era of globalization, Yeungnam is devoted to educating students that have the tools to help address global issues to benefit all of humanity. Yeungnam aims to prepare students for global competition within international industries and cultures, and allows countless opportunities for graduates to venture all over the world in search of education beyond and careers beyond their native country.

Yeungnam University, with one of the largest campuses in South Korea, is located in Gyeongsan, a tranquil and charming city in the southeastern part of the Korean peninsula. It is surrounded by many historical sites and famous mountains, and many Korean historical figures have originated from the region. Gyeongsan is 30 minutes away from central Daegu, the 4th largest city in South Korea. It is also 2.5 hours away (by express train) from Seoul, and 1 hour away from Busan, the second largest city in South Korea. Flights from Daegu reach Jeju Island within two hours. With a population of approximately 235,000 people, Gyeongsan offers a perfect mixture urban and rural environments.