The mission of the School of International Studies (SIS) is to unite students from all over the world, aiding them to become global leaders by providing them with a distinctive world-class education. SIS is dedicated to fostering both Korean and international students who will play prominent roles in international organizations, multinational companies, and local organizations with a global mindset.

World-Class Education

SIS is in alliance with professors who have graduated and lectured at world-renowned universities. Students are given the privilege to experience world-class education in the serene environment of Yeungnam University.

Unique Curriculum

SIS offers a unique curriculum that combines the cultivated tradition and the extensive educational benefits of Yeungnam University. SIS offers students courses in English that emphasize educational growth and interdisciplinary learning. The curriculum is designed to help students develop a global perspective, logical intuition, and analytical mindset necessary for their future success.

International Experience

SIS unites students and professors from various countries around the world. SIS studentes encounter people from different cultures, nations, religions, ethnicities, and backgrounds. This environment allows students to develop a global perspective and build theird understanding of other cultures and traditions.